By Kathy L. Collins

Winthrop Town Centre in Riverview is unique for its setting and the variety of merchants. But as you walk around, there is something else that sets it apart- the artwork that graces the area. Much of this artwork is there thanks to Winthrop Town Artist, Bryant Martinez.

Martinez has always believed that art brings a community together. He also believes that art and education are inseparable. That is why the Winthrop Collaborative Arts has its first art intern.

Susan Sahab is a senior at USF studying art history. Martinez said, “Susan’s a pioneer. She sought this position and it validates a need for the arts in the community.” Sahab chose to work in the community rather that studying abroad because “This is a real life experience. It is teaching me what it is really like to be an artist and what it is like to work in a local gallery,” said Sahab.

Since coming to Winthrop, Sahab has seen that a lot of people wear many hats when it comes to art in the community. She attended a meeting with City Council members the first day and the next day she was setting up an exhibit in the Beaux Arts Gallery. “I would not get this broad range of experience if I had chosen another path,” said Sahab.

During her internship, Sahab will play an integral part in all that is happening in Winthrop. This includes a mural, statues and a community garden. She will also help curate exhibits for he Beaux Arts Gallery’s Thursday Night Live! which take place on the last Thursday of each month.

In addition to working in Winthrop, Sahab is also doing an internship at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) in Tampa.

Come see all that is taking place with the Winthrop Collaborative Arts in Winthrop Town Centre in Riverview.



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