By Kathy L. Collins

Experienced, knowledgeable, tenacious and caring are all words that aptly describe Brenda Wade and the Brenda Wade Team at Signature Realty. Taken together, these words also add up to success for the Brenda Wade Team who was recently recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the top Tampa Bay Real Estate Team and a top 200 team in the U.S.

Wade has over 30 years of experience selling homes. Wade said, “I still love it. I am still driven by getting a sold sign on a property.” But Wade attributes her success to the team of people that she has put together. “By putting great talent and people together, I am able to go to the next step and be in the top 200,” said Wade.

Wade and her team take care of their clients regardless of the size of the sale. The initial consultation is always with Wade who knows what buyers want. “When I walk into a house, I know what a buyer will say. I have built up this knowledge over a 30 year span of selling,” said Wade. Once the process starts, you not only get Wade’s wealth of knowledge, but you get a team of amazing people who will work hard and take care of every detail imaginable.

The Brenda Wade Team is run just like a Fortune 500 company. They track everything that they do, and when a tool stops working, they stop using it. They are able to do this because of the people that Wade has assembled. They bring with them years of experience garnered from working in large and small corporations all over the world. Wade said, “If I have done anything well, it putting together this amazing team who really care about our customers. It is exceptional.”

Wade said of the Wall Street Journal recognition, “It was a win for not only me but for the whole team.” This is a team that works hard. In the first half of 2013, they had 210 closed and pending sales. This comes from hard work, all of which will pay off for the customer in the long run.

For more information on how Wade and the Brenda Wade Team can help you with either the sale or purchase of your next home, please call 655-5333 or visit


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