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Worldwide, millions of children are living without parents to nurture and care for them. Many of these children will not get the education, healthcare and social and emotional support they need to survive. Some will be exploited or abused. Most will be denied the chances they deserve for happy, healthy, successful lives.

Big Big World Project (BBW), a 501(c)(3) organization, provides for the education, medical and emotional support and basic needs of parentless children. Currently, BBW sponsors the children of Ham Tan Children’s center in Vietnam. The program is supporting six kids in college and providing tutoring and improved living conditions for another 20 children at the orphanage.

When children age out of the orphanage, their futures are bleak and an alarming percentage of them end up as victims of human trafficking if they do not have an education or support of family. FishHawk resident, Bonnie Karet, who is co-founder of BBW said, “Every child on this planet deserves a shot at a happy and productive life and that is what BBW gives them, a shot.” The children are taking advantage of the opportunity. Since the program started, one hundred percent of the high school graduates are currently enrolled in college.

“BBW gives young people here an opportunity to learn about how others in the world live and the program inspires young people to make a difference and appreciate the gifts in their lives,” said Karet.

Two Newsome High school students have made the journey to the orphanage with BBW and are continuing to contribute in a very impactful way. Mackenzie Karet, a senior, went in 2011 and 2012. Rachel Patten, also a senior, went in 2011. Patten produces informational videos about BBW and both girls assist the organization with fundraising, recently travelling to Washington D.C. to speak about their experience.

Big Big World is currently collecting women’s vitamins with extra iron, healing lotions for dry skin (Olay products are considered a real treat), new match box cars, new Barbie dolls and new or used iPods or iPod Touch. Tax deductible cash donations are very much appreciated. Checks and items can be dropped off or mailed to the Art Monkey, located at 16144 Churchview Dr., Ste. 103 in Park Square, FishHawk Ranch, or you can donate online at

For more information, call 315-9803.


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