By Kasey Coryn

For residents of the Tampa Bay area, the latest dental technology may change the way in which they view dental procedures. Utilized by Dr. Larry Saylor, long-time resident in the Brandon business community, E4D dentistry is allowing patients to receive highly customized dental work in just one office visit – removing both the hassle and pain from many dental procedures.

Developed by D4D Technologies, a high-tech medical device company focused on 3D digitizing applications, the E4D CAD CAM restorative system provides dental professionals with a chair side system for the digital design and fabrication of crowns, fillings and veneers. With unmatched accuracy, the system takes a digital impression of the teeth to create an interactive 3D image that is then used to fabricate restorations.

The true beauty of E4D dentistry is that the system allows crowns to be prepared, in-office, in just three hours – reducing the turnaround time by up to three weeks for traditional crown preparations.

For those people who travel a great distance to visit their cosmetic dentist or don’t have time to schedule multiple office visits, the E4D CAD CAM restorative system greatly reduces the time spent in the dentists’ chair, removing the hassle of many dental procedures.

In addition, because crowns and veneers can be produced same-day, patients no longer need to wear temporary crowns – reducing the trauma to the tooth caused by placing and removing temporary crowns and limiting post-op sensitivity.

Because Dr. Larry Saylor can now take a hands-on approach to preparing crowns and veneers – which traditionally are prepared offsite by lab-techs – patients also receive the highest quality, fabrication possible, ensuring accuracy and esthetics.

Currently, more than 70 percent of crowns prepared by Dr. Saylor are fabricated using the E4D technology, as only 70 percent of teeth are candidates for this procedure. However, within the next five years, it is predicted that all single crowns will be prepared using this technology.

For more information on same day crowns, visit, or call 689-4226. Dr. Saylor’s office is located in Brandon at 213-B Kingsway Rd.


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