By Kathy L. Collins

Jared’s Island is about an 11-year-old boy in foster care. After being bounced around, Jared gets in a boat and lands on an island occupied by Sam. Jared and Sam butt heads. Both have secrets. The story is about how Sam learns to open up, and Jared is able to find a place in the world.

Thayer said, “I was trying to show how important family is, but that family does not have to be about blood relatives.” Thayer added, “The book has a very positive message. Both Jared and Sam learn a lot about themselves.” One important message in the book is never give up.

Thayer explained that he wrote the book because he had always told his son, Jared, bedtime stories. “I wanted to have a story for him- ‘A Bedtime Story for My Son,'” said Thayer.

Thayer further explained, “Before I started to write Jared’s Island, I had no self-confidence in my ability to do this. Now that it is finished, I have the confidence to write a second book.” Thayer’s second book, which should be out at the end of September is called The Jared Lagdon Files: Dr. Rayther’s Game. This will be a spy novel and will be a part of a series. This too will be available on Amazon and on the Kindle.

Thayer added, “The writing has become a great outlet for me. It has shown me what an incredible imagination I have. I can sit down to write and before I know it, I have written for three hours!”

Thayer works for Disney during the day. He is a runner, a family man and soon to be famous writer from Riverview.

For more information on Thayer and his writing, you can follow him on Facebook at or on Twitter @JohnThayer11.



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