By Nicole Schoen

Riverview resident, Jason Scolaro, has created a non-profit organization called that seeks to revolutionize charitable giving by providing transparency in the donation process. Co-created with Todd Lincoln, the University of South Florida graduates have created a process that ensures every dollar donated goes to items needed by the charity and informs the donor of exactly how their money was spent.

Officially launched June 17, the website features a non-profit charity for two weeks, along with a video they create that details information about the organization to familiarize potential donors about the cause. At the end of the campaign, Scolaro and Lincoln use the money raised to purchase items needed for the charity and create another video detailing the items they purchased to show donors how their money was used. They ensure that none of the money goes to overhead costs and 100 percent of each donation is used to help those in need by picking up the transaction fee of 2.9 percent involved with online donations.

“I think our main point is that when you donate to an organization not through Track Your Effect, hopefully it’s going to the direct need; a lot of times it might go to overhead, but we want to show the donor that their donation went to somebody who needed it,” said Lincoln.

So far, the website has featured charities such as Blessed Bottoms, P.E.T. of Tampa, Equestrian Inc and Synapse House. From the money donated to the Blessed Bottoms campaign, they were able to purchase over 6,500 diapers. Some of the upcoming campaigns currently in the works include Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Track Your Effect applied for 501(c)3 status in April and hopes to receive it so donations can be tax deductible for donors.

“I like to look at it from a focus perspective,” said Scolaro. “The charity is focused on serving its mission and helping those in need and that’s where we really want them to stay focused, whereas we add this layer on top where we can provide our focus to the donors and make sure they feel a sense of connection and relationship with the organization.”

For more information, visit or call 343-2210.


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