By Kathy L. Collins

If you live in the greater Brandon area, and are looking to either buy or sell a home, you need an outstanding realtor such as Steven Maulucci with Florida Realty. Maulucci brings a unique set of skills and a myriad of experience to any  real estate transaction.

Maulucci is not only an experienced realtor with a love and passion for real estate, but he is uniquely qualified to provide you with advice regarding the buying and selling experience. In addition, he has experience in remodeling homes and can provide insight on the issues of time and money needed to do repairs on a home. “My father was a contractor, and I have experience in remodeling homes. The advice I can give is especially important with a short sale or bank-owned property,” said Maulucci.

Maulucci has experience in private, bank owned and short sale transactions. He has several assistants who work with him to make the transactions go smoothly, but he is the only realtor you will work with during the transaction. “This allows me to get to know my clients and to personally assist them through every step of the buying or selling process,” explained Maulucci.

Buyers are never charged a transaction fee, and sellers are provided with a free market analysis to determine if it is the right time for them to place their home on the market. When selling a home, it is important for sellers to have access to the best technology which gets their home in front of the right buyer. Maulucci explained, “I have always loved technology. In this day and age of real estate technology, there is a requirement to achieve maximum visibility for sellers. I utilize QR codes and test messaging to provide information to potential buyers.”

Maulucci lives in Riverview and is committed to the greater Brandon community. You can count on him to give you the best advice on buying and selling a home regardless of the state of the market. Maulucci said, “I have been able to help buyers and sellers in a very tough real estate market. The market is changing, and now it is good for both buyers and sellers. However, both need to be aware of changes such as the projected rise of interest rates,” said Maulucci.

For more information, please visit or call 957-3701.


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