By Kathy L. Collins

The practice of Periodontal Medicine (the treatment of the gums, bones and surrounding tissue) has changed significantly over the last few years. Dr. Eric Geist of South Bay Periodontics and Implantology is on the cutting edge of providing state of the art advanced methods and technology in the care of patients in the greater Brandon area.

Dr. Geist uses laser dentistry in the treatment of diseases affecting the gums, bones and surrounding tissue. Laser dentistry utilizes intense beams of light projected by a dental laser. The usage of laser has been approved by the FDA since 1990. Dr. Geist is among the first in the greater Brandon area to incorporate laser treatment into his practice.

According to Dr. Geist, “Laser treatment is much more precise and less painful. Use of the laser, instead of a scalpel in surgery actually helps to regenerate and grow bone. In addition, there is much less post-operative recovery time than there is with traditional surgery.”

Dr. Geist further explained, “With traditional surgery, a patient can expect to be in severe pain for two to three weeks and experience high sensitivity to cold. Conversely, with the laser, a patient is typically sore for one to two days and does not experience sensitivity to cold.” Moreover, Dr. Geist explained that laser can actually help some patients save their teeth that traditional dentistry would not be able to save and would result in extraction.

Dr. Geist also uses laser with implants. Gone are the traditional trays that make one nearly gag when the dentist is attempting to make a mold.  According to Dr. Geist, “One of the biggest advantages to the use of laser is that it cuts down on fear of the treatment and subsequent pain which in turn makes patients more likely to get the treatment that they need for a healthy mouth.”

Dr. Geist has extensive education and training in the practice of Periodontal Medicine. He attends countless hours of continuing education which allows him to be on the forefront of advances in medical technology and treatment.

South Bay Periodontics and Implantology is conveniently located at 13111 Vail Ridge Dr. in Riverview in the Summerfield Crossing Plaza. For more information, please visit or call 671-1222.


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