By Tamas Monodovics

Electrathon, the racing of a custom-built three or four wheeled electric vehicle, similar in appearance to a Go-Kart, has been scheduled to take place in the world of competition by bringing students together to measure up their mechanical, Electrathon SkillsUSA champ TBTHSengineering and athletic talents.

The 2013-2014 season, which has geared up for its first race hosted at HCC Brandon, involving a number of local high school teams is no different, as it sports new designs and unique modifications, to ensure that the cars will travel the furthest distance possible in one hour’s time within the limitations of engineering factors.

Hillsborough County Public Schools spokesperson Fredi Beck, said that the season’s first race promised fans a competition with strong competitors, among them the Brandon High School team.

“Brandon High School has always been a perennial strong contender both locally and at the state level,” Beck said, adding that the school used last year as a time of rebuilding and reflection, under the direction of  Mark Knowlton, who is now leading a re-energized team, bringing a new look to their car and a new strategy to their racing. “The team is strong and ready for the season,” Knowlton told Beck prior to the season’s first mid-November race.

While Wharton High School struts a redesigned and improved car for the season, Foundation Christian Academy hopes to step up to the plate and make the season count.

Tampa Bay Technical High School added six new members to the team and is sporting new battery chargers, load meters, as well as new a type of tires in hope of minimizing tire wear.

HCC Brandon team, which is sponsored and manned by the Engineering Club at HCC, is also looking to stepping up their game as the team added several new members increasing the roster to nine.

Visit, or contact Fredi Beck at 231-1957.


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