Local resident and published author, Milt Harris, enthusiastically talks about his new books.Formerly employed at an international company for 30 years as business management, Harris has taken it upon himself to share the wealth of knowledge that he’s accumulated over those years.

Through working with thousands of companies and dealing with the people in them and through personal encounters, he started compiling the things that held people back and the things that they wanted to do plus the things that they weren’t doing either as individuals or as a company.  The book Ceilings, was released on Tuesday, November 5 and offers motivational guidance for individuals as well as businesses. It asks the reader to examine their lives, emphasizes the importance of self-perception, and helps change the readers thinking to eliminate the things holding them back.

“I really think this is going to be a book that will help a lot of people. It will change your life,” said Harris. Harris has a great fondness for finding the potential in people and he strongly believes that we all can be successful in every aspect of our lives, even in the kitchen.Earlier this year, he wrote another book titled, Just Friggin’ Cook, which was released on Tuesday, June 4.  “Cooking is one of those simple joys in life. Everyone has the basic desire to make other people happy and you know what every person can do.  They can make a nice meal,” noted Harris. Just Friggin’ Cook has a variety of recipes from appetizers to entrees and prompts the readers not only to cook, but to take charge of the ingredients and really make each dish their own.  He wants to instill a confidence in people and encourage those who are timid about cooking to just try it.

The recipes are simple and satisfying.Harris also just released a children’s book called Foxy Roxy. The book follows the adventures of a young boy and a smooth fox terrier named Roxy. Harris is very excited about his new releases and is looking forward to whatever opportunities this may lead to. All these books can be pre-ordered through the publishing website at http://miltharris.tateauthor.com/. The books can be purchased through Amazon as well as at any bookstore.For more information about Harris, please visit the publishing website or directly at milt.harris9@gmail.com.

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