By Nicole Schoen

What started 10 years ago as a search for a natural remedy for Valrico resident Don Goldstein’s health problems has Heart_tikvagrown into a business with over 14,000 customers. Goldstein was left incapacitated after a massive heart attack and a few strokes in 2001 and the pharmaceutical drugs doctors were prescribing him were only making things worse.

“Don was a vegetable. The heart attack immobilized him but the medications kept him unable to do anything,” said wife of 29 years, Jackie.

After in-depth research into natural remedies, the Goldsteins created the first batch of Tikva, which means hope in Hebrew, with the help of doctors. “Naming it ‘hope’ is appropriate because not only does it get your life back, but you get your hope back,” said Don. “

The product is made of 43 natural ingredients from all over the world like pomegranate and lycopene. It is produced in a FDA-approved lab in Lakeland and is meant to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, stress levels, arthritis and more.  It comes in a powder form that is dissolved in water or juice and taken once daily.

Don is a rabbi at congregation Shoresh David and after sharing his miracle solution with members of the congregation, they wanted some too. The demand grew, so in 2003, the company that distributes Tikva, Heart 2 Heart, was formed.

The company is run from the Goldstein’s home with help from their son, Matt, and an old friend, Dr. Claire Esposito, who consults customers.

Besides God’s favor, what makes their business continue to be successful is the Goldstein’s care for their customers. A months’ supply costs $124.98 before shipping, but offers more health solutions than multiple natural remedies combined. Their website provides a detailed list of everything in Tikva coupled with an explanation of why they are needed, and a comparison to competing products.

While it may seem expensive, purchasing separate pills for each ingredient in Tikva would cost more, and the consumer can stop taking the product after it has done its job, which is a couple of months, depending on the persons age. The Goldsteins want to help as many people as possible and have spent hours on the phone with clients offering experience and advice. “It’s about taking care of people the way you would like to be taken care of,” said Don.

For more information, visit their website or call 655-4422 for more information about Tikva.


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