By Suzy Wiesenhart

A new company in Riverview, called Some Idea Inc., is an app-developing company created by a group of app developers, artists, musicians and creative thinkers who have over 30 years of experience creating applications for software that Fortune 500 companies use to create everyday products like children’s car seats, sneakers and jackets.

From providing tools for parents to wholesome entertainment, its overall goal is to make the lives of families easier and happier. Its upcoming projects include a unique twist on the baby monitor and schedule trainers for toddlers. Having enjoyed the experience of creating the “Elf Finder,” there are plans for additional holiday-themed apps as well as other non-holiday themed games for a broad range of age groups.

The group decided to focus its expertise, energy and creativity on making apps for the everyday consumer. It has released two applications that are available on the iOS and Android devices: The kids’ Sleep Trainer Clock; an app that is a photo clock that helps your child understand the difference between daytime and nighttime before they can tell time.

Charles Schmerling, president/CEO, has been working in various roles in the software engineering field since 1999.  He consulted for major companies like Bose, Reebok and NASA and then he decided to focus exclusively on application development.  Christopher Griffin, treasurer/secretary/CFO, has been working in various roles of System Integration/IT Infrastructure/Software Engineering since 2000. He consulted for Fortune 500 companies, then decided to apply his knowledge and processes to application development. He moved to Tampa in 2012, and after discussions with Schmerling, it was clear he had similar visions and ideals.

Quach Hai, vice president/COO, has also been involved in the software industry, in various roles from Quality Assurance to Product Development since 1996.  He stated, “I am an avid photographer and enjoy capturing the world in creative ways. This creative need and desire to make impact apps for the consumer motivated me to join Some Idea Inc. soon after its inception.”

The Elf Finder is the first and only app that allows kids to see if Santa’s elves are close by and watching them with a detection meter. It also comes with a beautiful Christmas story. For more information, or to learn more about these apps, visit


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Suzy is one of the Advertising Representatives for the Riverview area. She started with the Osprey as an advertising assistant in 2008 and has various positions since then. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Riverview Chamber of Commerce. She has lived in Bloomingdale with her husband, Tom for the last 22 years.