By Kathy L. Collins

With an average of 244 days of sun in the Tampa Bay area, residents need to be mindful of the harmful affects the sun can have on skin. With this in mind, residents should see a dermatologist, such as Dr. Kortney Hightower of Sun City Center, on a regular basis.

Dr. Hightower is a board certified dermatologist who grew up in central Florida. He now provides personalized care to patients living in the SouthShore and greater Brandon areas.

Years of experience working with a variety of practitioners has taught Dr. Hightower to think outside of the box. Dr. Hightower said, “I provide a personalized treatment regimen which combines the leading current technologies with time-tested procedures. In other words, I look at what is best for each patient.”

Dr. Hightower specializes in Mohs Surgery, a microscopically controlled surgery used to treat common skin cancers. Dr. Hightower explained, “Mohs Surgery is a specialized technique used to cut out skin cancer. As the cancer is cut out, the surgeon immediately reviews slides to make sure that 100 percent of the margin is cut. All of the cells and the peripheral margin are examined to ensure that all of the cancer is removed.”

Dr. Hightower also utilizes Blue Light Therapy which is a unique treatment for pre-cancers. Dr. Hightower explained, “When someone has multiple pre-cancers, you can treat an overall field. Many practitioners use creams, but that treatment can take up to a month. With Blue Light Therapy, you have an abbreviated process and the patient does not have to worry about their appearance over an extended period of time or additional prescription expenses for the cream.”

Dr. Hightower enjoys working with the population demographics of Sun City Center. “I have worked with a variety of patients, but I enjoy working with middle age and up patients the best,” said Dr. Hightower. This is one of the main reasons that Dr. Hightower continues to spend one day a week working with patients at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa.

Dr. Hightower is accepting new patients. “My practice is very family-oriented. Patients are people and not just another chart. When you come to our office, you are treated like family,” said Dr. Hightower.

For more information on Dr. Hightower and his practice, please call 634-1484. His office is located at 955 E. Del Webb Blvd. in Sun City Center.


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