Artists live throughout the greater Brandon area. Each brings a great deal of talent and creativity to the community. Luther Jones, originally of Picayune, Mississippi, now lives in Valrico. He has been here for six months.

LONG artsWok Chi and Luther Jones 007Jones is a talented, self-taught artist. Just spend a little bit of time with Jones and you will quickly see that this wonderful artist truly loves his craft.

Jones makes beautiful and detailed sketches and drawings. He uses pencil, pen and ink, pastels and paint. The details in each piece are remarkable and striking. Most of his work is of faces (portraits), but he also draws and sketches landscapes and nature scenes.

Jones said, “I would like people to know that I am available to do commission work. I can paint from photographs and memory.” Jones gets his inspiration from walking around and enjoying nature. He is careful to make sure that his portraits accurately depict the image of the person.Long_Wok Chi and Luther Jones 008

Jones has created one large scale project, a mural for his church in Mississippi. It is a 60 ft. by 20 ft. mural depiction of the Baptism scene featuring Jesus and John in the river. This mural was done in 1986. Jones was able to create the mural and scale it to the large wall simply by looking at the picture of the scene.

In addition to beautiful drawings and sketches, Jones can create wonderful and whimsical sculptures. He uses wood. The sculptures are of things such as turtles, birds and even faces.

For more information and to discuss the possibility of having some commission work done, please call Jones at 684-8171.


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