By Nicole Schoen

Trash Talk

As with all of Hillsborough County, Copper Ridge is no exception to the distribution of new trash cans to accommodate the county’s new, automated collection service. Larger cans can present a problem if they cannot fit into garages. Copper Ridge would like to remind its residents that their trash cans must remain out of sight. Installing lattice on the side of houses to hide the cans behind works, as does placing cans behind a water softener.

Starting Wednesday, January 15, medically-disabled residents have the option to swap out for a smaller sized trash can if desired. Residents who would like to exchange their roll carts for a smaller size can contact Waste Management between Wednesday, January 15 and Saturday, March 15 at 621-3053. Any downsizes in cans after that period will be charged a $30 fee.

Along with new cans comes new collection days. Copper Ridge residents can expect their trash to be collected Wednesdays and Saturdays and their recycling and yard waste on Wednesdays. Recycling no longer needs to be sorted; everything can be thrown into the same bin. Cans should only be placed at the curb the night before trash day at least three feet apart from each other and from mailboxes, cars, plants, fire hydrants and poles.  For more information, visit /index.aspx?NID=2945.



Management also asks residents to keep their mailboxes clean by wiping them down with bleach or however preferred. As a reminder, there is also no parking on the grass. Not only does it end up killing the grass and leaving unappealing lawns, it’s against HOA rules and is dangerous since drains and utilities are buried under the sidewalk strip in front yards.


Ballot Measures

Residents interested in adding a shed, pool, gazebo or pergola to their property can obtain a ballot measure from HOA President, Shaun Goeckner, by e-mailing him at sgoeckn


Quarterly Dues

A friendly reminder that quarterly dues must be paid by the first of the month in which it’s due. This year’s deadlines are Sunday, January 1, Tuesday, April 1, Tuesday, July 1 and Wednesday, October 1. There will be no increases in dues this year.

For more information about happenings at Copper Ridge, visit, call 222-0577 or e-mail

HOA meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at the Florida Farm Bureau building on the southwest corner of Mulrennan at Hwy 60.

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