By Rachel Ann Johnson

CiccioBuildingCiccio Cali, a casual dining concept, recently opened its third location at Winthrop Town Centre in Riverview. The locally-owned eatery provides a wholesome alternative to the fat-laden norm for health-conscious diners. The menu consists of wraps, stir fry dishes, and rice or noodle bowls as well as a Cali Fit menu for vegans and other special diets. For patrons wanting a more robust choice, the restaurant also offers pizza and pasta, but the lighter menu is what makes this place unique.

“We have something to offer that’s hard to find in this area,” said Ryan McGouch, managing partner of Ciccio Cali. “Everything we do is fresh, everything is prepared daily, there are no microwaves in the building.” With an intense focus on the quality of ingredients, the kitchen staff prepares each order according to the high standards set by the owners and managers of Ciccio Restaurant Group.

 Along with exceptional food choices, Ciccio Cali offers a selection of wines, bottled and craft beer. McGouch said CiccioFoodthey hope to add some natural, organic wines to their list soon. The Riverview location seats 150 people and has full take-out menu in addition to catering. While dinner is full service Monday through Friday, lunch is ordered at the counter from 11a.m.-3 p.m. then brought to the table for service. On Saturday and Sunday there is a full service brunch from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The brunch menu lists egg bowls, Monterrey hash and a San Francisco pretzel French toast among the breakfast items.

 The weekend atmosphere is enhanced by live music which is typically an upbeat acoustic guitar performance. Live music can be enjoyed during brunch hours and on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6-9:30 p.m. on the patio. Along with the pleasing atmosphere at Ciccio Cali, McGough stresses the importance of serving good quality food.

 “Ninety percent of what we do is very healthy. We focus on healthy lifestyle, healthy living, and food that will nurture you and keep you healthy,” he said.

 Call 436-3840 for more information or 480-3110 for catering. Go to to view the menu.

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