By Andria Barrios

Many medical advances have been created by doctors and clinicians all over the world. Locally, yet another natural and unique solution has been discovered by someone who has used herself as the guinea pig and proven her method effective.

“I started Bee Beautiful, LLC in 2008 with the intention to help others ‘bee’ healthy by using honey and honey products,” said herbalist and beekeeper from Dover, Becky Weliczko.

Since then, she added doTERRA organic essential oils and local herbs to her product line. She offers free wellness consultation and both virtual and local classes.

Weliczko began her career along a completely different road, working in construction as a civil engineer for over 20 years.

“I felt drawn to holistic solutions due to my own health issue. Recently, I avoided a full hysterectomy by using doTERRA essential oils to shrink fibroids,” she said.

Now she endeavors to benefit others through her business using the natural remedies derived from the honey bee and its profitable hive.

She plans to graduate with a Registered Nursing Program from Galen College of Nursing in St. Petersburg in 2016. Weliczko desires to focus on naturopathic medicine in general and women’s issues specifically. She has also recently become a certified Birth Doula, and pregnancy assistant.

“I love the way everything in the beehive is beneficial, including the bee sting itself, and there is so much to learn from this wonderful insect,” she said.

Weliczko seeks to draw everything she can from this helpful and miraculous creature, and has discovered a great deal so far. The respiratory system and allergies are one of the focuses of this healing solution.

“I offer empowerment to support your various body systems; the goal is to help your body heal itself,” she said.

Find out more at, and Bee Beautiful LLC is located at 3524 MacIntosh Rd. in Dover.

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