By  Nicole Heubusch

Speed Bumps Will Not be Implemented in South Ridge Community

The informal survey that was emailed out to some South Ridge homeowners came back with the results to not install speed bumps in the community. Though there are drivers who speed through the neighborhood, the homeowners decided that the negative effects would cause more grievances. Bikers, joggers and those who walk while pushing strollers would have the most difficulty getting around the speed bumps, and would also slow down emergency vehicles. The homeowners were also concerned about the probable damage that would happen to their cars and speed humps can lower property value.

The board responds to all homeowner concerns and questions promptly, either directly or by conducting similar informal surveys to gauge interest and gather feedback from homeowners.  Installing speed bumps is a lengthy process and involves traffic studies as well as county approval, so this was simply a first step in determining if it was worth pursuing the process.

Check the Pre-Approved Paint and Fence Colors List

Homeowners in the South Ridge community looking to repaint their home or wood fence, or even looking to re-stain their driveways, there is a pre-approved list on the South Ridge Website with a selection of colors. If a color is chosen that is not on the list, homeowners will need to paint 1’X1’ swatches on the exterior of their home for reviews. Not all color requests will be approved, and homeowners must wait until they receive written approval of the color prior to starting a paint job.

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