By Nicole Heubusch

Channing Park has implemented a program in its neighborhood that can be resourceful for any neighborhood. It’s called the Safe House Program. Families in the neighborhood that decide to participate are called Safe House Parents. They are responsible adults volunteering their homes as a safe place for any child in the neighborhood that needs help.

All Safe House Parents are screened by the police and are given instructions on the program. A Safe House window sign will be shown in the windows of approved homes who currently have someone over the age of 18 available to answer the door.

This program is a visible reminder to criminals and trouble makers that the citizens of the neighborhood are watching.

Reasons why a Safe Home will be needed:

-If a child is being bullied

-If a child is lost, hurt or ill

-If a child is caught in severe weather

-If a child is frightened by a stranger

This program is all about keeping a child safe when they feel like they are in danger. Many children walk home from school alone, or are home alone in the afternoon. With this program, they can feel safe in any situation knowing that there is a designated Safe House in their neighborhood.

For more information about this program, contact Kristi Gittinger at cpsafe

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