Staff Report

Scott Chapman is an insurance agent who specializes in providing both life insurance and annuities for individuals, business owners, professionals, retirees and governmental employees.

 “These are not your grandfather’s annuities or life insurance policies”, said Chapman.

Insurance carriers have made drastic changes to contracts to keep up with the demands and needs of today’s consumer.

“There is a misconception that all annuities require you to deposit a sum of money, and then you get a check until you die and then there’s nothing left to pass on to your loved ones.  This could not be further from the truth,” said Chapman.

The newest generation of annuities provides flexibility and choices that were not available with older contracts.  Annuities are often a popular choice to consider when rolling over an IRA or 401(K).

Chapman and Associates provides competitive life insurance products, both term and permanent, that often times can result in lower premiums then the online insurance Websites. 

“Having a relationship with an agent who helps you through the application and underwriting process can and does make a difference,” said Chapman. 

Chapman and Associates offers a unique review process for existing life insurance plans and oftentimes uncovers opportunities to increase coverage or reduce premiums.

“Your life insurance simply needs to be reviewed from time to time, not just to see if you can save premiums, but to make sure the insurance is still fulfilling the needs of your changing circumstances,” said Chapman.

Chapman and Associates has an informative Website at www.smarterin that offers detailed information on the broad applications that annuities and life insurance can be used for. 

“Whether you’re interested in how life insurance can create a tax-free income, or how annuities can create a lifetime income or the many other uses of insurance, this Website is an invaluable resource,” said Chapman.

Chapman started his insurance profession in 1992 shortly after an honorable discharge from the United States Navy. Over the last 22 years Chapman has helped many individuals and businesses with their life insurance and annuities. Chapman and Associates is located at 716 S. Oakwood Ave.  Consultations are available by appointment only. Call 685-2045 or e-mail

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