By Bonnie Mentel

Morning Glory is a small preschool located in Riverview that offers both part-time (two days or three days) and full-day programs for children ages one and up.

“One of our big strengths is our staff. We have a core staff that has been with us for a long time. They really enjoy working with the children. We do an academic lesson plan every week introducing letters, numbers, shapes and colors. We also do a character lesson, or value lesson, every week teaching them about responsibility, cooperation and generosity,” said Principal Judy Bowser.

Morning Glory received a 95 out of 100 on their VPK score last year, which is an excellent score. It credits its success to teachers who are very enthusiastic about teaching children. It has a goal to get everyone ready and excited to go to kindergarten and to be confident about starting school.

Most of its business comes through references. Bowser said it’s common to hear parents bragging about their preschool.

“One of our parents said they were at the park and their child just started saying the ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’  She was only two and a half and the other parents couldn’t believe it. They were told that she learned it at school,” Bowser said.

Morning Glory also offers after school care. They deliver and pick up to six of the area schools: Kingswood Elementary, Simms Elementary, Winthrop Charter School, Riverview Elementary, Frost Elementary and Ippilito Elementary.

“They come in off the bus, they have snacks, they play outside, do 30-45 minutes of homework time, arts and crafts and computers. We have fun centers, activities and board games,” said Bowser.

The cost for after school care is $60 per week, but if parents pay in advance, it’s $55.

Morning Glory is open in the summer and offers a summer camp program for all children.

“It’s a little break in the routine. The school-aged children go on two field trips a week. The fee for that is $100 per week. We don’t charge extra for the field trips because it’s part of the tuition,” Bowser said.

The school is located at 6001 Christy Ln. in Riverview. For more information, call 628-0541.

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