By Halie LeSavage

AnglinmanHow does a practice specializing in family and sports medicine come to include an opioid and narcotics addiction recovery clinic?

In 2009, Anglin Family & Sports Medicine in Riverview integrated this service after Dr. Mickel Anglin noticed his clients that were athletes returned from the off-season addicted to the pain medications prescribed to treat their injuries. 

Five years later, the addiction clinic continues to run successfully alongside primary care and sports medicine services because of its guaranteed confidential treatment. As Dr. Anglin said, it provides recovering addicts “all the tools to go out and live the second chapter of their lives.”

Unlike rehabilitation programs which send patients away from their homes and families, this office-based program allows participants to recover without removing themselves from their initial support systems. Patients have an initial four-hour consultation followed by monthly visits to the Riverview office, complimented by prescription buprenorphine treatments.

The forms of addiction treated by Dr. Anglin’s practice are not an issue unique to the local community.

“It’s just as big in this area as in any other area,” Dr. Anglin said.

“No one’s superman, no one’s superwoman,” he said. “This affects a lot of everyday people.”

Opioid dependence is an increasingly common issue, yet treatment for the condition is rarely sought.

“It doesn’t matter what you’re addicted to,” Dr. Anglin said. “We all have issues we have to overcome.”

Luckily, those affected by addiction in the local community can turn to his practice for the assistance and treatment needed for a healthy future.

Anglin Family Medical is located at 13045 Summerfield Square Dr. in Riverview. For more information on opioid dependence prevention and treatment, call 627-1385 or visit

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