By Tamas Mondovics

Close to 300 Hillsborough County area seniors gathered together last month for a chance to once again measure up their mental as well as athletic skills and enjoy some well-organized association during the annual Brain and Body Challenge.

Formerly known as the Senior Wacky Olympics, the all indoor event was hosted by the Hillsborough County Aging Services at the All People’s Life Center located at 6105 E Sligh Ave. in Tampa.

 Appropriate of its name, seniors were encouraged to get their game on while competing in eight team and 16 individual events that challenged each participant’s physical and brain power.

 “The Brain and Body Challenge (formerly the Wacky Olympics) has been an Aging Services tradition for more than 20 years,” said Assistant Event Organizer M.T. Jaureguizar. 

Dozens of games were played including Wii Bowling, miniature golf, indoor shuffleboard and table tennis, putt-putt golf, and corn hole to name a few, all of which, of course, are wacky versions of the real games. Jaureguizar explained that players with the highest scores for each game received prizes, while various giveaways and a lunch deal completed the festivities.

Members of the University of South Florida’s School of Aging were also on hand to provide the latest information on aging and brain health.

 Aging Services offers a variety of activities for older adults age 50 and over. The department has more than 20 congregate dining sites and a number of senior centers that can provide a hot nutritious noon time meal for those over the age of 60.

Residents may register for activities or meal services when they attend events.  The next event on the roster is the department’s annual senior prom, scheduled for Thursday, June 19 at Shriners Hall at 4050 Dana Shores Dr. in Tampa. The event is expected to attract up to 300 people ages 50 and older from communities across the County.

Hillsborough County’s Sunshine Line may be able to assist seniors who need transportation to the events.

For more information on transportation eligibility requirements or Aging Services events, call 272-5250 or visit

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