By Michelle Colesanti

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) held its HCSO Second Quarterly Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, June 4. HCSO personnel were recognized for valor and exceptional work performance, along with retirees and employees for longevity of service. Exemplary local citizens who helped to save lives were also honored.

During the ceremony, Osprey Observer’s veteran News Reporter Tamas Mondovics was one of the honorees. Mondovics won a community award in appreciation for being an outstanding community partner.

 “We are proud of him and appreciate the relationship we have and the open lines of communication. It’s based on trust,” Detective Larry McKinnon, who handles media relations for HCSO, said of Mondovics. “We know that he is going to write a fair and accurate story.” McKinnon said that the sheriff’s office appreciates the whole paper and the unique style of writing that Mondovics creates for the reader. “He combines the combination of the crime with public safety. We [Sheriff’s office] can also get the message out to the community on not becoming a crime victim.”

Mondovics’ passion for photography was first realized while attending school in Hungary.  After immigrating to the United States, that love was cultivated while working as a news photographer for a local daily newspaper. As a reporter for the Osprey Observer community newspapers, he covers a wide variety of local events related to the county government, schools, crime and public safety.

“He is an invaluable community partner; his headlines have naturally included the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, and he focuses on the many good works that deputies perform in the community each and every day,” said officiating Major Sankar Montoute in welcoming Mondovics to the stage. “Thank you for showing the human side of law enforcement, and the many and often-times unrecognized efforts we make within the community to improve the lives of those in need.”

Those who work with Mondovics at the Osprey Observer are proud of what he has accomplished in maintaining open lines of positive communication between the paper and the Sheriff’s department. He exemplifies one who is not only committed to serving the community, but someone who can always be relied on to present facts accurately.

Mondovics said, “It was a privilege to be recognized by the Sheriff’s Office.  It just validates and gives me confidence that the work I do matters, as well as benefits our readers. I think it’s what any reporter would want.” He can be reached at

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Michelle Colesanti
Michelle has been with the Osprey Observer for almost nine years, and her current position is Assignment Editor. She resides in Bloomingdale with her husband Phil, two sons, Philip and Matthew, and Tigger the cat.