By Marisa Webber

Around the World Animals1Lemurs, skunks and prairie dogs may sound like wild animals, but to Robert Costa they are pets. At his store, Around the World Animals, these creatures and many more can be found.

Even though it was recently opened, it already has great potential. What makes Around the World Animals so unique is its exotic animal selection. But what sets it apart from other pet stores even more is that if the desired animal is not in the store, it is ordered for that person. Along with exotic animals it also carries a variety of amphibians, aquatics, arachnids, birds, reptiles and tortoises.

It also has dog grooming, as well as monthly low cost vaccinations. Pets and pet services are not all it has to offer, it also carries pet supplies for the wide variety of animal lovers it caters to. This store catches the attention of any sort of animal lover.

Open since August, Around the World Animals is located in a growing complex. Costa has plans of expanding his already thriving store and redoing the grooming shop to make it even better. He began working with animals as a dog groomer and his love for animals encouraged him to open his own shop. Uniquely, his favorite animal is the skunk.

“They have good personalities and get along with other animals,” Costa said. But don’t worry; the glands which produce the infamous bad smell are removed before being sold as household pets. The unique demands this store meets are unlike any other in the business.

Located in Apollo Beach at 6140 N. U.S. Hwy. 41, Around the World Animals is on the road to great success. For more information, visit its Facebook page or call 304-2523.

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