By Robyn St. James

Florida is the third largest market in the United States for commercials. The rest of the entertainment industry isn’t far behind. In an exciting and innovative industry, only the best will do. Jamie Jacobs is cornering an unique niche in the entertainment industry.

Jacobs has been in the entertainment business since 1989. He has been the spokesperson for Walmart and many other Fortune 500 companies, at every large trade show or convention in the United States. He’s studied with the most well-known teachers in Hollywood and has over two decades of experience. He wanted to share the knowledge and experience he possesses with others, to help them make their dreams come true, so he created a company called The Entertainment Academy.

The Entertainment Academy has a varied curriculum to help the widest number of students possible. Classes will be starting in August 2014. Commercial Acting teaches students the basics, and how to have a successful career in the commercial industry by encouraging instruction and performance in the studio. Hosting/Newscasting will instruct students on how to use teleprompters and earprompters, and how to deliver a news script. Improv will help attendees become comfortable with anything they may have to face onstage. Finding an Agent will help students find the best way for them to get representation with an agent, jump-starting their career in entertainment. By the end of the Demo Reel course, students will have a professional demo reel to post on YouTube and submit to agents and casting directors. Additional professional coaching is offered for $50 an hour.

Jacobs will be teaching classes out of the Julestarz Academy, which is easily accessible by residents of FishHawk, Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, and similar areas. The Entertainment Academy is different from other similar businesses. According to Jacobs, “the students will graduate with the tools necessary to make it in today’s day and age of the entertainment industry. You are never too old or too young to get into the entertainment business, wherever you are in your life you are ready.” There will be no “brick and mortar” location for the businesses, as the classes are designed to be held anywhere, but all classes are planned to be held at a professional studio.

 For more information about The Entertainment Academy, visit or Facebook – search The Entertainment Academy.

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