By Stehpanie Pego

Christine Rabel is a Brandon native and an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay, but she will be the first to mention, “The last thing I thought I would do is sell lipstick. But I fell in love with Mary Kay because it’s so much more.”

With a background in computer applications, one might be surprised at Rabel’s 12 year career with this global cosmetics industry, but she explained the beauty of Mary Kay is that it reveals individuals inherent strengths.

“I was the one who always made everyone at ease in my last job, both with clients or coworkers. [Looking back now] I realize I was the networker,” Rabel said.

Working with men and women from teenagers to retirees, she applies this skill today to give new clients seeking skin and beauty counsel exactly what they need. Rabel is passionate about using her position with Mary Kay to empower what she nick-names “level 10 women.” A level 10 woman might be a clerk, an insurance agent, a dental hygienist, a stay-at-home mom; but the underlying consistency is that these are women with untapped potential.

“There are smart, capable and creative women out there who could run their own company given the right resources and training, and I want to give them the vehicle to do so,” Rabel said.

Rabel does not consider herself a saleswoman.

“I’m a teacher, and one thing I learned along the way is that you really have to put the needs of the other person before your own,” she said.

Working with Mary Kay, Rabel teaches beauty consultants to pay attention to the unspoken desires of a client.

“It’s about engaging with a person,” Rabel said. “You don’t have to have make up to be made over, and so many of my customers have become deep friends with that idea in mind.”

Growing through Mary Kay, Rabel is eager to share the opportunities she’s found there with others.

“Mary Kay is about giving back to the community. Mary Kay donates millions to help fund cancer research or building shelters for women in need,” Rabel said. “It’s because of my business that I am able to help locally, like the Women’s Resource Center and The Freedom to Walk Foundation.”

“Women are simply amazing,” Rabel said, “and it’s my, and Mary Kay’s, mission to help them achieve goals they never believed possible.”

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