By Kim Ruiz

The South Ridge Homeowners Association will host its semi-annual community garage sale on Saturday, October 18.  Signs will be posted at the entrance to the community at Kings Ave. and Ridge Haven Ave. to attract shoppers that morning.  Residents should plan now to clean out closets and garages just in time for the holidays.


In the past month, four vehicles without license plates were parked in driveways in South Ridge. It’s against both South Ridge HOA deed restrictions and Hillsborough County Property Maintenance Code to have an inoperable vehicle visible on residents property. The county code states that “any vehicle, or trailer, without a license plate, with a license plate not registered to that vehicle, without a registration sticker affixed to the license plate, or one with a registration that has been expired for 90 days or more is prohibited.” Violation letters were sent to those properties to remove such vehicles from view.


The active hurricane season is still upon us, so remember to secure or store outdoor items that could become airborne during high winds and strong thunderstorms.  Homeowners are reminded that all personal use items such as bikes, scooters, sports equipment, inflatable pools, hoses, lawn care items, etc., should always be stored out of view when not in use.  This helps keep a neat and attractive appearance throughout the community and deters theft of personal property.


Frequent afternoon storms continue to water lawns and plants in addition to weeds.  Creeping vines on surfaces and all weeds must be regularly removed from plant beds, lawns, and cracks in the sidewalk and driveway.  These items can be easily removed after a rainstorm by pulling them out by their roots.  Household items like salt or vinegar can be used in areas where the products won’t damage other plants.  It won’t be too long before cooler weather causes these nuisance weeds to go dormant and then can enjoy a break from weed pulling.


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