By Andria Barrios

RickBookgoodFifteen years ago, a local broker and photographer began writing in a prayer journal. Today, his second Christian devotional is about to be published. What began as simply an inspirational hobby has now become a positive outreach and successful writing career.

“I felt God told me to write a daily devotional. Reluctant at first, I finally began to write,” Rick Christensen explains of his beginnings as a writer. Christensen also gained inspiration by joining the Brandon Christian Writer’s Group. “Brandon Christian Writers has been instrumental in my writing ministry,” he said.

Through peer reviews and helpful discussions, Christensen achieved the title for his first book. This past February, Christensen’s Discovering and Sharing Grace: Words of a Gentle Witness was published.

“This book is a series of devotionals written to include prayerful reflection and guide us to live within God’s amazing grace. My approach was to help us see God in everyday situations,” the Tampa author said.

But Christensen did not stop there. His goal of leading others to Christ through writing prompted another endeavor.

“Shortly after the publication of the first book, I received an invitation to be on a Christian radio show. That interview inspired the title for my next book, Gentle Witnessing: Faith Hope Love,” Christensen said.

This book is a focus on how to approach non-Christians. Christensen discourages harsh confrontation and judging, and encourages love and hope as a method for witnessing. He hopes to reach out to both Christians and non-Christians of the world through his new, inspirational book.

When Christensen retires, he plans to continue Christian writing. “I plan to write additional devotionals, perhaps one for 365 days,” he said.

Gentle Witnessing: Faith Hope Love was released on Amazon at the end of October. Both the eBook and hard copy version of Discovering and Sharing Grace: Words of a Gentle Witness are also available on Amazon. Christensen can be reached at and


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