By Bonnie Mentel

MetabolicpatientThe Metabolic Research Center (MRC) has been in business for over 30 years and has 80 locations throughout the country, including one in Brandon. Its approach to weight-loss is to promote a lifestyle change using menu planning and natural supplements in favor of prescription diet pills or bariatric surgery.

“We focus on changing the lifestyle so you’re better at keeping the weight off. We have a fantastic line of herbal support and take a more holistic approach. Our supplements have very natural ingredients, but are still very effective. They range from appetite suppressants, regular multivitamins, and even some bigger supplements that will cover specific concerns like losing belly fat. Our main goal is to teach people how to keep the weight off for a lifetime. We do that through a nutritional based program,” said Nicole Wassynger, administrative assistant at the Metabolic Research Center.

Some of the centers, including the one in Brandon, also offer “MRC’s SuperSlim Program” which Wassynger said is a more aggressive form of weight loss that is medically supervised by their medical advisory board. This program uses HCG, which is administered by nurse practitioners.

“HCG is a hormone that signals the body to utilize stored fat. It burns 3,500 calories all by itself and then we couple it with a low-Metabolicwomencalorie program. It gives a rapid approach to weight loss,” she said.

Staff members offer a free 45-minute consultation to anyone who is interested in weight loss. During the session, the consultantsfocus on the client’s previous dieting history, their health history, and their lifestyle.

“We think of ourselves as your last weight loss system. We have programs starting as low as six weeks for $36. Of course it depends on how quickly someone wants to lose weight and how much weight they have to lose, and which supplements they want to add into it. We like to see our clients twice a week. We don’t charge a fee for any of our visits, so twice a week is what is recommended,” Wassynger said.

The Metabolic Research Center office is located at 435 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Brandon. More information can be found at

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