By Sandy MeyerMarkGoujonLithia resident Mark Goujon is trying to bring back Christmas through song. The Iraq War Veteran recently released Loud and Proud Christmas, a song that that reflects upon the traditions and true meaning of the day. Performed by Melodie Crittenden, a nationally known Country and Christian music artist, the lyrics talk about how “Happy Holidays” has replaced the long-established “Merry Christmas.”

According to Goujon, the song was seven or eight years in the making but just released this November. The idea first came to him while serving in the Air Force.

“At one of our holiday parties, the Commander said to us, ‘I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but Merry Christmas,’” said Goujon. “It was like he had to be sneaky about saying Merry Christmas to be politically correct.”

This thought sparked the idea of finding some way to remind everyone that tradition should not be political. Goujon understands that there are many other traditions that take place, including Hanukkah and Kwanza and believes all should be celebrated and respected.

“It’s at the point that you’re saying ‘Happy Holidays’ in your own home,” he said.

While always enjoying the hobby of writing, Goujon said he first became serious after attending a Christian writers seminar. There he met his first link to the national music industry and his songwriting career was born. He has since hired musicians to be the melody to his lyrics and through them was introduced to Mark Burchfield of Watershed Recording Studio in Nashville. With each new contact he paved the way for Loud and Proud Christmas to be released. It is through this song that he wants to put Christ back into Christmas.

Goujon has released other recordings that are up on his Website,, including Reach Beyond the Stars, sung by Country singer Jason Wyatt. He has also started his own recording studio, Goujon Music, and is working hard on finding artists to lend their voice to several other songs he has written.

All of Goujon’s recordings are available through all downloading and streaming options including iTunes and Google Play. For more information, visit

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