By Sharon Still

While divorce statistics in the United States are not clear cut, the plain fact is that more than a million people get divorced every year. Whether there are children, pets or property involved, the divorce process is usually complicated and painful.

Rachel Moskowitz is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Collaborative Divorce Facilitator with a decade of experience of helping people work through conflict and relationship issues.

“I have been doing therapy for over 10 years and have seen the damage the typical divorce process can cause,” she said, adding that when she heard about Next Generation Divorce, she knew she wanted to get involved.

Next Generation Divorce is a group consisting of collaboratively trained licensed mental health professionals, financial professionals and attorneys that aids divorcing couples who agree to work through their divorce with the guidance of a neutral mental health professional, a neutral financial professional, and collaboratively trained lawyers for each party. The process is done in a series of meetings and then filed with the court. The practice group recently started a Brandon pod which consists of collaboratively trained professionals in the Brandon, Valrico, FishHawk, Riverview area.

“I have been practicing solution-focused therapy for over 10 years,” Moskowitz said. “My experience with that has helped me to transition easily into the role of collaborative divorce facilitator.”

She explained that a typical client is a couple looking for an efficient, less expensive, private, practical approach to divorce.

“The process is shorter in duration than a typical courtroom divorce,” she said. “Couples with or without children can utilize this process. We believe in helping the couple do what is best for them and their family. I strongly believe in the collaborative divorce process and have had very positive feedback from couples who have been through the process.”

Rachel Moskowitz, LLC is located in Winthrop Town Center, 6037 Winthrop Commerce Ave. Suite 220. Call 803-2425 or visit for more information. More details about Next Generation Divorce can be found at

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