By Erik Butler

My culinary tour of SouthShore continued as I pulled into an eclectic venue down the road to see my friends at Apollo’s Bistro. Part quaint restaurant, part night club, part banquet facility, part fitness center, part tennis/racquet club, part aquatic center, part summer/after school camp… there is always a lot happening at this facility. All I know is, I is I want any part of the inspired creations coming out of the kitchen.

Local owner Logan Sultenfus and his staff create a certain vibe, where at times you feel like you actually own a little piece of your own restaurant. I get this feeling that “even I can be relevant” which is a nice frame of mind when trying to escape life’s brutal realities. It is romantic, if the goal, or at least dark enough to hide bags under the eyes and worry lines, if the case… No matter which, the attentive staff, the contemporary American fare, and maybe your favorite adult beverage help make it all work.

I consider myself a crab cake snob having spent many blissful moments eating near the shore in and around the Chesapeake Bay.  There was clearly no “K” in “C-r-a-b” as the Bistro’s effort was strong – back fin lump meat in a portion that was far more generous than what I typically experience in the south. The remoulade sauce was a nice compliment, and I impressed my wife that I could even pronounce it. I made sure to include the amazing lobster bisque, which is a must have with any trip here. Despite the fact that I pay for my meals with these reviews, I felt I was worth it. Well, at least the bisque was.

After wetting my whistle with the appetizers, I narrowed down the decision to the chicken marsala. It was a generous serving of scaloppini breasts with fresh sautéed mushrooms in a decadent wine sauce. The tasty dish was paired nicely with a medley of vegetables that were clearly prepared intentionally verses some sort of “chef’s clearance,” and a tasty house risotto.

This laid back experience allowed me to feel like some sort of restaurant critic wannabe when in all actuality, I’m just a guy that likes great food and is fortunate to have found an editor that allows me to spill my guts. Consider the great team at Apollo’s Bistro for your next intimate dinner or that over-the top birthday bash with 50 of your closest friends. Not just on special occasions, but just about any occasion where a great meal is the real deal.

And remember, when you can’t get to the Bistro, let the Takeout Butler Restaurant Delivery Service bring the Bistro to you.

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