By Bonnie Mentel

Econo Car Rental has been in Brandon for three years and offers affordable car rentals. The majority of their vehicles can be rented for $19.99 per day. Their stock of used cars help customers save money. For $19.99, customers can rent an older 2005-2007 vehicle.

Premium cars rent for $21.99 per day and up. These include models such as: Nissan Pathfinders, Ford Fusion, Honda Civic, Toyota Camrys, and Ford Mustangs. Monthly car rentals are available for $16.99 per day.

“Some people like to rent for a month. They don’t have to care about maintenance or repairs. If something doesn’t work as it should, they just come back to our location and we give them another car. It’s very convenient for them,” said Marketing Manager, Sebastian Niegowski.

Econo Car Rental accepts debit cards as long as it is a regular bank card and not prepaid.

“That’s how we compete with other companies. We accept debit cards and most of the other companies don’t accept debit cards. We also accept cash for deposits. It is $200 if you use a credit card and $250 for debit card or cash,” Niegowski said.

Discounts are available for customers of certain body shops, Crunch Fitness members, and Osprey Observer readers. Osprey Observer readers get 10 percent off of three-day and up rentals.

Econo Car Rentals is excited to offer U-Haul rentals now.

“Six months ago, we started renting U-Haul’s. We have them in all sizes. If you need a certain size, we can get it right away. We’re an official U-Haul dealer,” said Niegowski.

Their slogan is, “We pick you up and take you home.” Econo Car Rentals provide this service within a 10-15 mile radius of their location.

For rentals, contact Sebastian Niegowski at 999-4920 or Visit Econo Car Rentals is located at 9017 Adamo Dr., #115 in Tampa on the corner of S.R. 60 and Hwy. 301 S.


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