By Jacob McCaskey

Saturday, March 21, the community is invited to celebrate the fifth annual Big Green Egg cookout in FishHawk.  Located across the street from Newsome High school, the cookout will be at 16715 FishHawk Blvd. in the Winn-Dixie Plaza from 9 a.m-4 p.m., and will offer a vast array of delicious, big green egg cooked food that will leave guests wanting more.

“The day of the event, we will have a tent out there, we’ll have some music, and we’ll have seven or eight eggs on fire,” said Larry Rutledge, owner of Pinch-a-Penny and host of this event. “If you have never eaten off a big green egg, there is no way you can appreciate what I’m saying until you come see it for yourself. We cook all kinds of things, and the honest truth of it is you can’t believe how good the food is when it is cooked on the Big Green Egg.”

For those who don’t know what this Big Green Egg is, it is essentially a grill with endless culinary possibility. As Rutledge might put it, whether it be salmon, a turkey leg, pizza or a cake, if it was cooked on a Big Green Egg, it will probably be the best you ever have. Big Green eggs are sold at Pinch-a-Penny’s and authorized dealers across the country.

The event itself is a replication of an event the Big Green Egg Company has every year. At Stone Mountain in Tucker, Ga., the Green Egg campsite lights up around 500 eggs, and people that like to cook come out for three days.

“There is no contest or anything like that,” said Rutledge. “My son and his buddies go to this event every year and have a blast. They come back every year with new ideas on how to cook on the egg and different things that people do, it is just a fun way to show off your stuff.”

His event is a toned down version of the one they throw at Stone Mountain. There is no competition, people who just like to cook, and most importantly eat delicious food, come out and have a good time with their community.  Anyone is welcome to come and fire up an egg if they have something delicious to share. For more information, call FishHawk Pinch-A-Penny at 655-3700.

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