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Over the years, Rob Silver, owner of Dynamic Painting USA, and the Osprey Observer have teamed together to offer the Painting From the Heart campaign. The campaign, intended to give an exterior home paint job to a single mom in the community, has been a huge success and Silver plans to continue the effort this upcoming Mother’s Day by once again giving away an exterior home paint job.

“I am a small business owner,” said Silver. “But, if I can give back and make a huge impact for a local family and a local mom for Mother’s Day, I am happy to do it.”

Silver’s commitment to serving others began when he was a child, tagging along with his mom as she volunteered in the community.

This all started to take shape when Silver decided to give away a storage unit full of unused paint, and placed an ad on Craigslist to offer it up to someone who wanted to take it all.

He received many e-mails from people who wanted to just be able to pick and choose what they needed, but he politely kept turning them down; until he received an e-mail from a single mom in Bloomingdale who asked for just one gallon of paint for her garage door.

“I wrote back and wished her luck, like I responded to all of the other e-mails,” Silver said. “But when she wrote me back to thank me for responding and to say if I changed my mind to let her know, I was touched.”

He went to her house, and when he saw the condition of the garage door and the rest of the house, he thought, “Why not?” Before meeting with her, he sat in his truck and made out a typical cost estimate, but at the end where he would give the estimated total, he added, “No charge; Happy Mother’s Day.” “The look on her face was priceless,” he said.

One of the past recipients includes Pam Ramoska. Ramoska, a single mom with two teenage boys lost her husband from a tragic heart attack and was finding it hard to keep up with the exterior of her home. Brandon single mom Sharon Cooley, who adopted a son and two young siblings, and The Ellis family of Riverview, whose father, Jason, is a wounded Iraq war veteran with five children were also past recipients.

“I am so thrilled with the way the house came out,” said Ramoska, “I don’t have to be embarrassed about how it looks anymore. Painting From the Heart is the perfect name for your campaign, for your crew were all so wonderful and worked so hard.”

To enter, fill out the application below and send in by Thursday, April 30 or contact Silver at Dynamic Painting at 689-9333 or visit


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