You people that sleep through the night—-getting into that REM cycle of sleep—-you have no idea how lucky you are. Do not take your good night’s sleep for granted. Some of us cannot get to sleep or sleep through the night no matter what we do—no matter how hard we try—it just eludes us. Let me introduce you to three essential oils that are about to change your life—at least your sleep cycle.

Lavender essential oil we associate with relaxation, but more is necessary for sleep. Our oil comes from the high mountains in France where the climate and the altitude grows the most powerful and potent lavender that can be taken internally. Put a few drops in a capsule and swallow, diffuse into the air, or put on your body neat—without dilution. You might consider all three for a really good night’s sleep. It helps with balancing your body and relieving anxiety and headaches.  Lavender activates the pineal gland necessary for sleep. It helps regulate the heart, reduces high blood pressure and aids respiratory function while reducing nervous tension.

Vetiver essential oil is sourced from Haiti and comes from the roots of the plant and creates a feeling of being grounded and calm. It helps with ADD/ADHD, depression and sedates our nervous system. You can swallow this in a capsule, diffuse into the air or apply neat topically on reflex points. It has an earthy smoky aroma and is used as a perfume in India.

Serenity is a blended oil. It has lavender in it, but also sweet marjoram to relax and calm body and mind, plus roman chamomile to relieve muscle tension, calm nerves and soothe emotions, plus ylang ylang for promoting a peaceful feeling, plus sandalwood for calming nervous tension and balancing emotions and last is vanilla bean extract for calming and easing tension.  This oil is not to be taken internally but can be worn as a perfume. Diffuse or inhale directly and apply topically.

God put these oils on the earth for us to heal ourselves but He also gave us scriptural admonition in Matthew 6:34 –so never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties.  Luke 12:25-26—who of you by being anxious can add a cubit to his life span? If, therefore, you cannot do such a small thing, why be anxious about the remaining things?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18– always be rejoicing. Pray constantly. Give thanks for everything. Amen. Sweet dreams to You.

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