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RV_camper 2I grew up camping. Of course, it was in a canvas tent with no running water, no cable, no Wi-Fi, no cell phones and lots of sweat-equity. Arriving at our summer camp site in Kananaskis Country in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where I grew up, we would start by dividing the chores. Who would haul wood for the campfire and who would fetch fresh water. Then, there was pitching the tent, fueling the Coleman camp stoves and lamps. Entertainment was reading books, fishing for dinner and hiking in the mountains.

Knowing that we wanted to give our children some camping memories, our family of five, including a 13 and 9 year old boy and 8 month-old-baby, headed for a weekend “test” camp at Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World. Since we own nothing but a sleepover sleeping bag and a quick set-up tent we bought on Amazon Prime, we quickly realized we needed assistance. Fortunately, a search led us to the family owned which also owns The company takes full-service RV’s to a pre-reserved campsite, sets them up, plugs them in, hooks up water, cable, power, puts up the awnings and even sets out the camp chairs.

We reserved a unit right away. When we arrived, our camper was set up, the TV was on, the fridge and RV_camper rentalfreezer were running and the water connected. It was luxury. We brought our grill, our food for the weekend and our clothes and were able to enjoy all the frills of the camping experience and still have a queen sized bed to sleep in. Plus at the end of the weekend, we cleaned up, swept the trailer and they returned to tear down, pack up and haul away.

I see a lot more camping in our future and we will always use

“We provide full-service RV rentals to Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground in Walt Disney World, Westgate River Ranch, NASCAR, Sebring Raceway and more,” describes company owner William Sirola who opened the family-owned business in 2011 after offering one of his own pop-ups for rent and the business grew. “All of our RV Rentals have ice cold air conditioning and heat and come with everything you will need for your camping trip. Free delivery and set up no matter how long you stay at Fort Wilderness or River Ranch,” he added.

“We service all campgrounds within 125 mile radius of zip code 33827. Additional delivery fees are added to campgrounds more than 40 miles away.”

Rates vary from $125-$195 per night depending on the size of the camper and does not include campsite fee. Rates are better for longer stays and Florida Camper Rental can assist with campsite reservation too.

For more information or to see an inventory of available campers, visit Disney approved fire pits are also available for rent. Call


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