By Sandy Meyer

Live&LearnC70a-A06aT06a-ZLive & Learn Compounding Pharmacy, formerly The Compounding Shop of Riverview, has been a fixture in the Riverview area since 2008. Owner and licensed pharmacist Leott Wydetic is proud to offer compounding services that allow patients the ability to obtain medications in dosages that aren’t normally available in a retail pharmacy. She is backed by a dedicated staff, all of which have extensive experience in pharmacology as well as compounding.

Wydetic earned her Doctor of Pharmacy with advanced education in Compounding Techniques, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, Sterile Compounding, Compounding for Autistic Patients, and Veterinary Compounding.

“Compounding is customizing medication,” she explained.

Compounding medications are made in a specialized lab within the pharmacy and are formulated to the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient.

“Lots of newborn babies are born with stomach issues and the medicine prescribed is really made for an adult. We dose that medicine down to a suitable dose without adding all the artificial colors and fillers because babies don’t need that,” said Wydetic.

The pharmacy is able to meet a variety of customer needs when it comes to medicine. Some medicines typically taken by mouth can be made into a penetrating gel that can be applied directly the skin, alleviating stomach issues that some medicines can cause, especially those taken long term. Live & Learn also specializes in veterinary medicine needs and it can make the medicine into gummies, add special flavoring or special coloring.

In addition to providing compounding services, Live & Learn offers regular health seminars which can be found listed on its website. It has also recently added a Yoga instructor, Amy Arnold, who offers Flow Yoga on Saturdays and will be introducing Prenatal Yoga this summer.

Live & Learn accepts cash and credit cards but does not take insurance. The staff is happy to quote the customer a price before making the medication so that the customer knows exactly what they will pay ahead of time. For more information on all services offered at Live & Learn, visit or call 341-1050.

Live & Learn Compounding Pharmacy is located at 13224 Boyette Rd. in Riverview.

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