By Sandy Meyer


Amani medspaDr. Brar of Amani Med Spa is offering a new procedure to help stimulate new collagen, adipocytes, hyaluronic acid, and angiogenesis. This helps to minimize sun damage, create a better, healthier complexion with smoother texture, add volume in the hallow areas and minimize wrinkles. It also helps improve the appearance of tone, texture, color and volume. This procedure consists of drawing your own blood and centrifuging it to get a concentrated platelet rich plasma, which then will be injected into the skin and or microneedled over the skin. What is unique is that not all PRP is created equal. Amani Med Spa uses TruPRP which is a centrifuge that is a double spin automation giving 7x’s baseline platelet count. Other machines may not vie as accurate a count or concentrated PRP.

A Vampire facelift consists of drawing the blood, spinning it and then laying down small aliquots of hyaluronic acid filler and injecting the PRP into the skin. This is for those who need volume as well as texture, complexion and tone. Improvement in complexion will be seen within the first week because the stem cells take time to work and regenerate new cells. Clients will see other results in 10-12 weeks. For best results two-three facials are recommended four weeks apart. For a Vampire Facelift, another treatment is recommended nine months following the initial treatment.  Additional maintenance treatments can be performed every 12-18 months following. Vampire Facial and Facelift procedures can be used on the face, chest, breast, hair, hands and scars.

“The Vampire Facial/Facelift is a wonderful procedure because you are putting something into your skin that you naturally produce. There are no foreign elements being introduced,” said Damelza Torres, CME/Aesthetician at Amani. “Patients can expect to be in the office for about two hours from start to finish,” she added.

Amani Med Spa is located at 3440 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Valrico. For more information on the Vampire Lift or other services provided, please visit or call 685-6111. Don’t forget to check out the feature specials.

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