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One homeschool graduate truly proves the fact that homeschoolers are overachievers. Naya Shelton, Riverview resident and recent high school graduate, has self-published and written 22 of her own books over the course of her high school education.


“Homeschooling allowed me the freedom to pursue writing and self-publishing in greater depth. With the encouragement of my parents, I conducted self-guided studies in writing, English and graphic design,” 17-year-old Shelton explains.


Her passion for writing first spurned from her parent’s bedtime stories. “They told elaborate stories imagined afresh each night, which would always leave us begging for more.” Along with her love of reading, this planted the seed for nearly dozens of stories that she would contrive and publish later in life.


Shelton falls in love with every new story invented. Her ultimate favorite, Chasing the Storm, has an overall theme of hope, perseverance and love. “Most of my books have this theme, very much like real life.”


Being home educated has aided her writing career immensely. Intense research was done for each book as part of her education and, along with the core subjects, this student not only sharpened her writing, but also learned about graphic design and economics, both of which have benefitted her career.


Shelton also regularly participates in writer’s forums, attends writer’s workshops and takes English Composition at Hillsborough Community College. She has recently joined the International Women’s Writing Guild in order to network with other writers.


“Now that I have graduated from high school, I plan to pursue a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Graphic Design. My goal is to open my self-publishing company to the public. With it, I hope to ease the transition for writers who are daunted by the process of publishing their work,” Shelton explains of her plans.


Two of Shelton’s books, Chasing the Storm and The Promise of Forever, will be available for free on Kindle or Kindle apps over a period of three days, beginning on June 15. Search for these stories on Amazon and obtain a free eBook.


Naya Shelton’s books, some in audio form, are available on Amazon, Kindle and Goodreads. For more information, contact

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