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Local Brandon author, David E. King, Sr. is ecstatic about the nationwide release of his autobiography, Stuck But Chosen.  In this inspiring book, King details his personal experiences that brought him to finding his faith.

Stuck But Chosen is a true story told in first-person by King. He grew up in the Tampa area where he found himself surrounded by a loving and supportive family. This faith-filled family continued to pray for King as he chose to follow the wrong paths and found himself consistently in the criminal justice system and almost losing his life.

But then God intervened and his heart changed. One day in October 2001, “God put his hook in me,” said King. “And that changed my life forever.”

King hopes to be a mouthpiece for God to share his personal testimony to show that God is living and that there is no way to get to him except by Jesus Christ.

Since becoming a Christian, King has turned his life around, married his childhood sweetheart and has started a family.  He is a full-time employee at Crispers since 2007, but felt inspired to write his biography when his family was experiencing financial difficulties in 2013.

“This book title was inspired by my life,” said King. “I was stuck in the world and a failure in the first part of my life. But God would intervene. Chosen is the last word, but really it is first.”

King is currently in a member of and plays an important ministry role at Northside Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa. King also has future plans to write another book.

This book will keep readers on the edge of their seat and shows how God can change the life of a troubled young man for His good. The book is available through, or by visiting or

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