Captain Ric


Nothing lasts forever. The last fishing report I gave was a very positive report with fishing being at the top of the scale, no pun intended. Things on the water have certainly slowed down from what they were. We are still catching fish, but the numbers have decreased and so have the average sizes.

The only bite that I have that has increased is the Spanish mackerel bite. It has gotten better and the macs are on fire presently. Tarpon are still a pretty good bet if that is your thing. The heat has been the biggest culprit in the slowdown with everything else. It was not a surprise as it is a cycle we go through every year. The bright side is bait has been extremely easy to get.

I have been concentrating on fishing a little deeper water than a month ago, and not fishing the shallow flats unless we are at a higher tide or on a cloudy overcast day. The shallow water heats up on lower tides and bright sunny conditions and the fish are simply not there in the numbers that they are when it’s deeper or clouded over. The best results I have had on the flats have been on afternoon trips with incoming water when the sea breeze is kicking. Those conditions have produced a good bite on the south shore lately.

If you are fishing in other areas, that may not be the case for you. The sea breeze on the south shore of the bay increases the tide and gives it stronger movement. More water movement equals better fishing. When the water is not moving well and the tide is at a stage that the intensity is undesirable, try fishing in an area that has a bottle neck effect. Find a place that funnels the water flow, which will increase the rate of movement. These areas will sometimes produce when the other areas will not. You will figure a good pattern with your fishing in your area if you fish enough and try to keep track of all the experience you get from trip to trip.

Until next time, good luck and be safe on the water. Remember: don’t let your kid be the one that got away, take them fishing. For charter information you can callĀ 601-2900, e-mailĀ, or visit

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