By Nicole Heubusch

Summer is a time for fun and vacations for families, but it is also an opportune time for burglars to take advantage of empty homes. Here are some tips on keeping your house safe while you are away this summer, courtesy of

Have Your Mail Held At The Post Office

If you are going to be away for more than a few days, having your mail held at the post office is a good idea. Mail piling up in your mailbox while you are away is a sign to burglars that no one is home. Having your newspapers held is a good idea as well. Call the company to have the delivery stopped for a few days, or have a neighbor pick them up for you so your driveway is not cluttered with papers.

Have Someone Mow Your Lawn

If you leave on a trip, arrange to have your lawn mowed at least once while you are away. You can call a mowing company, or arrange for a neighbor to help you out.

Form A Neighborhood Watch Group

Work with your local police liaison and HOA to form a neighborhood watch group. This can help protect your neighborhood from vandalism and burglary. If the neighborhood watch group knows that a family will be gone on vacation, they can take extra steps to pay attention to that property and keep an eye out until the family returns. Signs posted about the neighborhood watch group can also deter a burglar.

Don’t Post About Your Vacation On Social Media

If you and your family are leaving on vacation, don’t post about it on Facebook or Instagram or any other social media site until you return home. Photos and locations of wherever you are is something that should be avoided while your home is empty. If you have a few newspapers lying in your driveway people might wonder if you are home or not, but if you post a picture of your family in a different country and tag a location, they will know for certain that you are not home. All these tips and more can be found at

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