By Michelle Tomao

Summer can be a daunting time for everyone. Kids can be faced with boredom and lack of activities, or worse, find unsafe activities to participate in, sending parents in a panic.

That’s why local non-profit, Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance (HCADA) has kicked off a viral summertime social media “Challenge of Kindness” for anyone to participate in. HCADA will distribute a list of 25 suggested acts of kindness. During the two-month campaign anyone can take a picture of any act on the list and tag HCADA. After the contest ends, there will be a Kindness Winner.

“When we see someone, especially a youth, hold the door open for an adult, or help in some way, I believe we all get the same feeling inside; a feeling of joy. This summer campaign is devoted to giving kids, parents, and the community a goal of spreading kindness one person at a time,” said HCADA Executive Director Cindy Grant. “We thought, ‘why not give kids the opportunity to be exposed to the goodness life has to offer and the chance to grow from a rewarding experience that teaches compassion and service.’”

“Our goal is to do small and simple acts of kindness in our homes, neighborhoods and communities,” said Grant. “The challenge is to see how many things you can do for others without being asked and without their knowledge. Just brainstorming about this contest had many of us smiling in anticipation.”

HCADA is using Instagram as a link-up, where participants can go to share and see the kindness they’ve been up to. Kids, parents, and community residents can post photos on Instagram of their summer random acts of kindness that they’ve been involved in. The goal is simple: “do good” and “be kind.”

When you do a random act of kindness, take a picture and use the hashtag #25actsofkind or tag @HCADA (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) There will also be surprise polls for the “photo of the week,” regular updates on the HCADA Facebook, access to a great community, and exclusive other treats provided throughout the duration of the campaign.

Visit, and download the random acts of kindness list to get started. The Challenge of Kindness will run through Monday, August 17.

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