When people decide to move to a Homeowners Association (HOA) neighborhood, they are usually hoping to find a community that is fun and welcoming. Looking for a few easy ways to bring your HOA community together? Here are a few simple tips for creating a fun and memorable community within your HOA neighborhood.

Add More Community Gatherings To Your Social Calendar

Hosting fun events for your residents is a great way to get the community together at the pool or clubhouse. Whether you host seasonal events or parties, movie nights, or just picnic gatherings; there are plenty of social activities you can plan out to encourage a strong sense of community. Forming a “Party Planning Committee” is a good way to not only bring a group of residents together to plan fun events, but it will also give them the chance to express their opinions and ideas.

Health Or Exercise Classes

A few communities in the area have started offering group activities like yoga in the park and cooking classes and that’s a great way to promote health and to bring your community together. Offering yoga, Zumba, tennis competitions or even a running group are good ideas, as well as hosting healthy cooking classes or potlucks.

Don’t Forget About Networking Opportunities

Business professionals love opportunities to connect with other business professionals, especially when they can do it in the comfort of their neighborhood’s clubhouse. Having your HOA sponsor networking events once or twice a month in the evening or morning (try a coffee meeting) will be sure to bring together likeminded business professionals who might never have met, even if they live just one street over.

If your HOA has any other ideas or suggestions for promoting a fun and welcoming neighborhood, or is hosting any upcoming events that you would like featured in the Osprey Observer, send them over to nicoleh@ospreyobserver.com.

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