By Sandy Meyer

One of the biggest investments that can be made to a home is adding a pool, and finding the right company to handle the construction is the single most important factor in the quality of that investment.

Integrity Pools is owned and operated locally by Andy Preiss. It has been in business in the Tampa Bay area for over 29 years and has a strong reputation as one of the area’s leading custom pool builders.

Preiss’ experience dates back 35 years.

“I started cleaning pools with my older brother in 1978 for a summer job. In 1986 I started Integrity Pools and I’ve been building ever since,” Preiss said. Before moving to Tampa in 1985, Preiss serviced pools in prestigious homes in the Hamptons. “I developed a niche for service,” he said.

His clientele included celebrities like Alan Alda and Mary Tyler-Moore.

Integrity Pools prides itself on guiding the customer through the construction process from beginning to end and giving them all the tools available to understand their purchase. One unique tool that Preiss uses is 3-D computer drawings which give the customer a virtual view of what the pool will look like from every angle, including inside the pool.

Preiss has made sure to surround himself with a competent and committed workforce. General Manager Bill Hershenberger is Integrity Pools’ longest and most valued employee and Preiss’ contractors have been with him for over 25 years.

“Our work is very consistent because of the longevity of the time we’ve worked together,” he said.

In addition to designing spas and pools, Preiss has developed a non-chlorine patented system which has been tested and in use for almost nine years while he awaited patent approval. Now that his patent has been approved he has been contacted by one of the nation’s largest producers of bottled water.

“I will be speaking with engineers in hopes of helping them have a more efficient way to purify water with my design,” Preiss said.

Integrity Pools services include custom pool/spa design, pool/spa remodels, water purification and pool/spa repair. Visit or call 355-6176 for more information.

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