By Kathy L. Collins

Music Showcase hosted its 8th Annual International Piano Guild Award Ceremony in May. Of the more than 45 students who performed before a judge in a closed juried event at Music Showcase, three of them were Music Showcase students who received high marks. The students included Kyle Ballado, Aviana Forster and Karishma Lukose. Students who participate in the International Piano Guild must memorize and play scales and songs, as many as 10 each.

The International Piano Guild holds yearly auditions around the world with music professionals grading students on accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique. The audition, open for students of all levels, is a yearly event at Music Showcase. The guild’s purpose is to encourage growth and enjoyment of the piano. Auditioning students receive the prestige of becoming members of the guild for a year and report cards which are evidence of their accomplishments. Students can also receive academic accreditation on college applications and resumes.

Ballado is an International winner. He is 14-years-old from Riverview and has been in the guild for nine years. Ballado started playing piano when he was 6-years-old.  At that time he could barely reach the pedal. Ballado has been a distinguished member of the Williams Middle Magnet School Orchestra. He also plays the violin and guitar. This coming school year, he will be attending King High School’s International Baccalaureate Program. He will also be playing in the school’s orchestra.

Forster is a State and Jazz winner. Forster started playing piano two years ago. Forster is 15-years-old and will be entering tenth grade.

Lukose is a District winner. Lukose is 15-years-old and attends Strawberry Crest High School’s International Baccalaureate Program. Lukose has been playing the piano since second grade.

Music Showcase is located at 402 Oakfield Dr. in Brandon. Visit

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