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Eleven Madison Park is one of the best restaurants in not only New York City, but the world – it was ranked number five on San Pellegrino’s 50 Best Restaurants in the world. The restaurant that prides itself on exemplary service and high-quality food has added a new member to its kitchen: Brady Storch, a 20-year-old Riverview native.

Storch’s passion for the culinary arts began in a high school elective that a friend had suggested. He learned fast and realized it was something he could do for the rest of his life. After graduating from Riverview High School in 2013, Storch studied at Johnson & Wales in North Miami, and soon he needed an internship.

“I called and emailed the best restaurants in the country,” Storch said, with Eleven Madison Park being at the top of his list. “I was able to schedule an interactive interview. I came in for a day and worked with the team, cooked a dish and was interviewed by the chef. At the end of my night with the team, I was informed my application had been accepted.”

Storch finished school and his internship, but Eleven Madison Park wasn’t ready to let him go. After consulting with one another, the chefs offered Storch a two-year position at the restaurant, which he didn’t take immediately.

“I spent about two weeks weighing out all of my options, listing the pros and cons over and over again,” Storch said, “Moving away from your home is very challenging, especially at such a young age. But eventually the opportunity I have in front of me outweighed the hardships of leaving home.”

So far, Storch has worked as a “commis,” the entry-level position at Eleven Madison Park, and has been responsible for daily food preparation. As for the transition from Riverview to New York City, Storch said the job makes it a little easier.

“Riverview and New York are polar opposites,” Storch said. “But being young and working in a fast paced kitchen for so many hours a week has made the transition much easier.”

 Since leaving Riverview, Storch continues to adapt to his new surroundings as he climbs the ladder in one of the world’s best restaurants.

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