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Reginald Strother believes his gift to help and inspire others was given to him by God. Strother has been involved with youth programs for more than 16 years. It has always been his purpose, passion and blessing to assist others.

Strother took his gift for helping others and founded Road 2 Manhood (R2M) this past January.

“My goal and prayer is to reach and positively affect someone’s life with this program,” Strother said. “This program was founded to support young males in the local community.”

The R2M outreach program was created to mentor male youth on vital life skills information and the process of transitioning to manhood.

“We are excited for this pilot year to engage the local community and establish our program,” Strother said. “We are here to help male youth. We find it pertinent for young men to have the positive/productive skills present in their lives.”

On Saturday, August 15 at 8 a.m. R2M will be hosting a symposium at HCC Ybor Campus that will launch their new C.H.E.F. Program.

“The C.H.E.F. Program will be a launching platform for male youth to re-enforce or create a solid Christian foundation for their transition to manhood,” Strother said.Manhoodguy

The cost to attend the symposium is $50 and attendees will receive at T-shirt and travel bag.

The C.H.E.F. Program is targeted for young men ages 14-18 and it focuses on life skills training in four focus areas, which are communication, healthy lifestyle, education and fiscal management.

“These are four areas that are common to all people that go through life, yet there is a major lacking of Christian stability for many individuals to be productive citizens in society when these skills aren’t present,” Strother said. “Road 2 Manhood wishes to change this stereotype.”

The youth involved with the symposium will also have a forum where they can openly discuss some of the issues they are dealing with in their lives without fear of judgments.

Strother hopes that R2M and The C.H.E.F. Program will bring about a change in the lives of the young men who are involved with the program.

“Road 2 Manhood is here to demand positive change in these young men,” Strother said. To learn more about the Road 2 Manhood or to register for the symposium, visit or contact Strother at 816-1726.

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